Zambales Travel Guide

1. Anawangin Island in Zambales, Philippines:

A trip to Anawangin Cove  should never be missed, it is a semicircular shaped cove located in the municipality of San Antonio in the province of Zambales.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Zambales during the summer season and it’s just a four hour drive from Metro Manila.

Anawangin Cove is known for having a spectacular white sand beach surrounded by large and tall Agoho trees which give tourist an impressive ambiance of the province.

It is bordered by Anawangin Bay and West Philippine Sea and it’s surrounded with alluring mountains of Zambales like Mt. Pundaquit.

2. Potipot ISland in Zambales, Philippines:

Give yourself a break and relax.  Have a trip to the Small White Island for an exciting getaway. This is the closest islet from mainland of  Zambales, guests could ride a boat going to the island from any of the resorts within the area.

It will take eight to ten minutes from the shore.  Never regret visiting here, this islet is very pristine and breathtaking, with lush vegetation surrounded by the sea.  The area is ideal as a camping site and a destination for nature and adventure seekers.   Tourist can explore the entire island about 30-minutes walk.

The area perfect for swimming and snorkeling for its clear and calm sea.

Zambales – The province’s name came from the word zambal, which is a Hispanized term for Sambali. Sambal refers to the native language spoken by the early Austronesian inhabitants of the area. A contending version states that the name was derived from the word samba, meaning worship, because the Spanish supposedly found the native inhabitants to be highly superstitious; worshipping the spirits of their ancestors.  It could also originate from the word “Zambo”, a term used by the Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) empires to distinguish people of African ethnicity/descent. The province is home to the Aetas, the aboriginal people of the Philippines who share Afro-ethnic similarities.

Philippine independence:

During the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, Zambales was one of the most militarized areas in the Philippines as majority of the people were against martial rule. Many opposition Sambals were detained, tortured, killed, electrocuted at the genitalia, or were listed as ‘missing’.

The province was one of the main supporters of the People Power Revolution in Manila, which topped the 21-year dictatorship and installed Corazon Aquino as president, bringing back democracy to the country.

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Zambales Travel Guide. Zambales Travel Guide. Zambales Travel Guide.

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