Palawan Travel Guide and Itinerary

1. The paradisal province of Palawan:
Palawan is one of the first provinces to crack down noise pollution by a single-use of plastics. So much would be at stake since the province is booming its tourism industry and it relies on the successful preservation of its pristine ecology with its beauty so natural. Several award­ winning beach resorts leads the way towards the future more sustainable, the blending of native design with low­ carbon elements like solar panels, composts and edible gardens creating the living spaces to last.

Some reasons that tourists worldwide would love to visit Palawan because it has a white sandy beaches. This island wonderfully boasts many untouched beaches surrounded by a clear crystal blue waters. Trust that this perfect tropical climate all year-round sunshine will catch every beach lover’s hearts and attention to be here on this paradise.

2. Palawan Underground River:
Indulge the thrill-seeker in yourself, will be well worth to spend a time to visit and go for adventure the Ugong Rock. Experience activities like zip-lining, spelunking and trekking apart from the amazing backdrop of Puerto Princesa. A must to go camping, experience a real necessary skills for survival, then camp to the Island of Inaladelan, take a look the layout like a spartan island. Your visit will never complete without going to the UNESCO World Heritage at Puerto Princesa River National Park which is the Underground River.

Puerto Princesa is known for a home of seafood restaurants in every sumptuous feasts. Strategic location of the Island gives you assurance to always being served with fresh foods every time you order on your plate. Go around and spot restaurants that serving authentic Asian cuisine like Vietnamese, Filipino and other Asian and international specialty dishes delights.

Palawan Travel Guide and Itinerary
Well-known for blue and finest crystal waters ideal for fantastic diving with many amazing spots, and admired by both local and international tourists for its breathtaking and pristine beauty, the island of Palawan is “every beach lover’s dream destination.”

Titled as the “World’s Best Island” by a renowned international travel magazine, this island paradise has topped the list of the top 25 islands across the globe. Sailing the length of the province­ from the north to the southern tip of the island will give you up and close with paradise from the coral dreamscapes, the karst limestone forms of El Nido through the wind-swept shorelines of central Palawan with pristine sand bars on the other island. No doubt that Palawan has the best beach only in the Philippines as well as in all of the southeast Asia.

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Palawan Travel Guide and Itinerary

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